ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Superb

Physiologically fitted to the wearer’s face.


The uniqueness of the human body is one of the many factors influencing product development today, with an increasing demand for products that can adapt to our anatomy.


An overall approach to the eyes and facial anatomy
The anatomy of individuals differs – and no two faces are the same.

If a spectacle lens is not fitted to the wearer’s physiological facial parameters, they may not be able to experience the full potential of their 3D vision, which is essential for good distance perception. Research shows that 50% of progressive lens wearers experience problems with either clear distance vision, peripheral distortions or limited 3D vision, while they may also have difficulty judging distances.*

* External market research with 1,000 progressive lens wearers in Germany and USA (2014)

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Superb responds to this challenge with a solution that provides an optimum match of the eye-lens-frame system.

The unique anatomy of every individual’s face is important.

Taking into account the physiological position of wearer parameters allows an optimal match of the eye-lens-frame system and therefore full use of 3D vision. FaceFit Technology optimises the visual zones based on the knowledge of the exact position of the eyes and the facial fit of the frame on the nose and ears.

The Benefits

  • Better vision with full use of 3D vision

  • Unlimited frame choice

  • Fast adaptation to the lenses – in any frame

  • Strain-free and clear vision when using print media or digital devices for people aged 40+

  • Fast focus and dynamic vision all day long

  • Thin and lightweight lenses