ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus

Precision optics with any frame.


In today’s world, rapid changes in fashion are followed by influencing trends. Eyewear fashion is no different - as spectacle frame styles, shapes and sizes constantly evolve and change.

Human eyes are challenged like never before
Research has revealed that the majority of consumers first select a frame, then choose their spectacle lenses. But not all progressive lenses fit in all frames: limited freedom of frame choice or vision impairment are often the result. 50% of progressive lens wearers experience limited frame choice.* In pursuit of fashionable eyewear, wearers are changing frame styles more frequently, from small to large frames and vice versa. Eye movement behaviour learned from the previous spectacles has to adapt each time a new frame with a new size or shape is purchased, and this should be considered during the dispensing process for progressive lenses.

* External market research with 1,000 progressive lens wearers in Germany and USA (2014)

The world's first Adaptation Control Technology

In a world of fast-changing fashion trends, unique Adaptation Control Technology including FrameFit+®provides freedom for the wearer to select any frame and achieve fast adaptation to their lenses.

The Benefits

  • Unlimited frame choice

  • Fast adaptation to the lenses – in any frame

  • Strain-free and clear vision when using print media or digital devices for people aged 40+

  • Fast focus and dynamic vision all day long

  • Thin and lightweight lenses