occupational lenses

Varifocals combine all distances from far to near -but at a cost. This cost is reduced intermediate and near zones to accommodate all visual demands. For those who spend a large amount of time in front of a computer we suggest one of our office lenses.

These specialist lenses are a mixture of near and intermediate with little to no distance, allowing for extremely wide zones for your office tasks.


Working on a computer with fluorescent office lighting can lead to reflections and eye strain. We recommend upgrading your lenses to include the latest anti-reflective coating and blue light reduction filters.


Varifocal lenses

Varifocals offer all distances but have a limited area for intermediate.


single vision

Single vision glasses provide a very wide area for one distance, but because there is no variability this is either too strong or too weak for multiple tasks.



Occupational lenses are the best choice for prolonged computer / office work combining variability between near and intermediate with wide viewing zones.


maximum intermediate distance (M.I.D) technology

In order to provide a tailored solution for every wearer, we have opted for an individual approach: we determine the wearer’s "Maximum Intermediate Distance" according to his or her personal near to intermediate distance requirements. The new M.I.D. technology offers variability for clear and relaxed vision from an "enhanced reading lens" up to an "indoor progressive lens."



zeiss Synchrony

Our occupational lenses for undemanding prescriptions and environments.

from £80.00

zeiss office

Our top range for office lenses with the latest technology to give the widest zones bespoke to your requirements.

from £113.00