Single vision

Standard - Our ‘no frills’ option which works perfectly for many standard prescriptions.

Superb - Blended front and back surfaces to reduce aberations and improve overall clarity - especially with higher / more complex prescriptions.

Individual - The best of the best. Blended surfaces with glazing that takes your individual measurments into consideration - the most bespoke option for overall clarity.


Entry - We use both Zeiss and Hoya for our entry level lenses. We do not compromise on performance so whilst they are ‘entry’ they are still manufactured using some of the latest technology to enhance the viewing zones.

Freeform - Similar to the entry but using more advanced digital glazing technology. The end result is that you have wider viewing zones and less distortion.

Zeiss Precision Plus - As above, but utilizing extra frame measurments and the latest Zeiss technology for extremely wide viewing zones. Also taking into account your individual prescription to enhance the glazing process.

Zeiss Precision Superb - As above, matching the quality and adding in facial measurements to further enhance the viewing zones and optical clarity.

Zeiss Individual 2 - Using frame, facial and lifestyle input we are able to make a truly bespoke lens that gives the best possible viewing zones for each dispense.