Myopia Control

Levels of Myopia are rising rapidly. Whilst it may seem like a simple inconvenience of having to wear glasses or contact lenses to many, did you know that increased myopia is associated with potentially sight threatening conditions such as, myopic retinopathy, cataract, glaucoma and retinal detachment? The higher the myopia, the higher the risk.

Whilst there is no cure for myopia, we have come a long way to understanding how it develops. This has led the way to strategies that help slow the progression significantly.

We are one of a few Opticians in the UK who offer the latest myopia control daily disposable contact lenses from Coopervision - the MiSight lenses. Click here for the dedicated section on MiSight.

One of the most widely accepted methods is Orthokeratology, which has been shown to reduce the progression by around 50% or higher. Watch the video below to see how Orthokeratology works.

Not only does Orthokeratology help by slowing down the progression of myopia, it also corrects the vision of your child. All this is done whilst they sleep, meaning that you’re in full control rather than sending them to school with soft contact lenses in.

If you’re interested in myopia control it’s best to begin by calling us on 0161 905 1104 or taking a trip to our practice to discuss further.