Myopia (Short-Sighted)

Myopia, commonly known as short sight or short sightedness, is a condition or refractive error in which the light that enters the eye is focused in front of the retina.


When looking into the distance this causes a viewed object to be blurred and out of focus but near objects appear to be clear. Myopia can develop at any age, but is most common from teenage to early/mid-twenties.


What you need to do


Myopic refractive error can be corrected for using corrective lenses, either spectacles or contact lenses. The spectacle corrective lenses have a negative optical power and are concave, which help the light to be focussed onto the retina instead of in front of the retina providing a clear image.

There are a range of lenses that can be used to correct for myopia in a range of powers including high myopia using hi-index lenses.

There are also surgical options including laser refractive surgery or an intra ocular lens exchange.



myopia control

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