Film, TV & stage: Contact Lenses

We offer contact lens fitting for the use in film and TV for that dramatic effect you’re looking for. Each lens is bespoke fitted with the actress / actors prescription (a non-prescription option is also available). As well as being individually created for the eye they are also designed from scratch, meaning that you can have almost anything that you’d like for the set!


bespoke design

Each design can be designed from scratch, creating the perfect lens for the scene.


made to measure

The lenses are fitted to the actress / actor to allow comfortable wearing with great vision. Not only this, but unlike some cheap Halloween lenses that are available our lenses are high quality and breathable.


on set fitting

If you would prefer to have lenses fitted on-set we can do this using portable tools that are similar to what we have in-practice.

We only use lenses from reputable contact lens manufacturers.

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