New Multifocal Contact Lens Design

We fit many types of eyes in our practice, but one of the more challenging aspects is getting great vision for distance and near with contact lenses. That’s because unlike glasses, contact lenses are centred on your eye -so you can’t look through different zones like you can with varifocals.

So how do multifocal contact lenses work?

Multifocal contact lenses usually work with what’s known as simultaneous vision. The lenses produce multiple images on the retina and you brain does the work to get things in focus. They work incredibly well -but often there is a compromise in the level of vision that is achieved compared to varifocal glasses.

Introducing our newest lens option - The NaturalVue multifocal


Our latest offering uses state of the art technology known as ‘depth of field’ optics to produce clear images at all distances. This should limit the need for ready readers when using your multifocal lenses - something that is often a problem.


The results speak for themselves…

79% of patients who tried the NaturalVue preferred them over their existing multifocal contact lenses.

*data from VTI


Interested in trialling the lenses?

We are offering free trial lenses to our patients who have eligible prescriptions. Simply click the button below to contact our team or to arrange an appointment with our Contact Lens Optician.