ZEISS Single Vision AS - better

The Classic Plastic Lens with an Aspheric Surface Design

Thanks to its rotationally symmetrical, aspheric front surface, ZEISS Single Vision AS displays a flatter front curvature and excellent visual quality. It is therefore visibly flatter and thinner than a ZEISS Single Vision Sph lens with the same power, especially in the plus range.

ZEISS Single Vision AS is recommended for lens wearers with high prescriptions who want cosmetically attractive, lightweight lenses with improved optics.

The benefits

  • In the plus range, up to 20% lighter and thinner than ZEISS Single Vision Sph
  • Aspheric surface design for outstanding visual quality
  • Flatter front curvature than non-aspheric or non-atoric lenses
  • Eyes are less magnified than with traditional lenses
  • High resistance to breakage (very suitable for sports and children’s spectacles)